LED 1000W Computer Cutting Light

LED 1000W Computer Cutting Light

LED1000W Computer Cutting Light

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Supply Ability:
800 unit per Month
Power supply: AC110-240V,50/60Hz
Light source: 1000 W high-power LED, color temperature: 6500 K, life span: 50000 H
Optics: beam angle 6.5°-50 °, using high-efficiency lens, high brightness, uniform spot without hot spots
Scanning: Horizontal scanning: 540 ° or 630 ° (16 bit precision scanning) Vertical scanning: 270 ° (16 bit precision scanning), advanced scanning system is faster, stable and quiet, with automatic error correction reset function
Color: uniform and smooth CMY+ CTO color mixing system
Color temperature correction: 0 ~ 100% linear color temperature reduction system, color temperature 2700 K ~ 6500 K linear adjustment
1 color plate: 6 color plates + white light, half-color effect, rainbow effect with two-way rotation
Pattern: 1 rotating pattern plate: 7 pluggable rotary pattern pieces + white circle, with arbitrary pattern positioning function, pluggable pattern piece system, easy to change pattern pieces
1 fixed pattern plate: 8 pattern pieces + white circle, with pattern jitter and pattern arbitrary positioning function
Imaging disc: a group of controllable light spot cutting system composed of 4 cutting discs, the whole cutting system can be rotated by 90 °
Prism: A rotating 3 prism can be rotated forward and backward, and has a prism macro function
Focusing: electronic focusing, ultra-smooth focus adjustment
Magnification: 6. 5-50 ° freely adjustable
Aperture: 5%-100% smooth change, with aperture pulse function
Stroboscopic: The frequency can be up to 25 times per second, and random stroboscopic and pulse stroboscopic can be selected
Dimming: 0-100% linear dimming
Atomization: 0-100% uniform soft light effect
Effect panel: super dazzling simulation of dynamic flames, gurgling water and other dynamic effects
DMX channels: 3 channel modes: 39/37/60 international DMX channels
Use environment temperature: -20℃—40℃
Product size: 45×33×68 cm
Weight: 38 kgs

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