Laser Light

Laser Light


30w full-color laser light

Power supply: AC110-240V,50/60Hz Total power: 30W, full color 30W Laser: All solid-state semiconductor laser Power configuration: R-8W ×1 G-10W ×1 B-12W×1 Protection level: IP58 Outdoor temperature use: -40℃-40℃ (built-in thermostat, automatic temperature adjustment) Output power: 500W Scanning speed: +/-30 Vibration: 40kpps Galvanometer angle: 60o standard scanning unit and scanning drive circuit, the maximum speed is 40000PPS. Service life: 10,000 hours Divergence angle: <1.2mrad Cooling method: air cooling Control mode: voice control/automatic DMX512 control/master-slave synchronization, ILDA interface (can be connected to ISHOW software and imported pangolin, Phoenix software) DMX control function: 12-channel control, black field function, computer interface, compatible with ILDA standard computer laser show Software control: ILDA's full signal adopts electronic switch to convert full-color animation laser, adopts high-speed vibrating mirror scanning speed, and the pattern has broken pen, strobe, rotation, roll Moving, stretching, zooming, gradual drawing, speed, color and other effects, with pattern size adjustment function, built-in 128 beams and animation patterns, can be used for beam animation show, laser advertising, laser projection.

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