380W 3in1 Moving Head Light

380W 3in1 Moving Head Light

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Supply Ability:
1000 unit per Month
Power supply: AC110-240V,50/60Hz
Light source: OSRAM 371
Dimming: 0-100% linear adjustment
Strobe: double-chip strobe (0.5-9 times/sec)
Focus: linear focus
Zoom: linear zoom
Beam angle: 2°-60°
Atomization: 0-100% linear atomization
Colorful lens: 0-100% linear colorful lens
Optical lens: high-precision glued optical lens combination
Color: 1 fixed color wheel, 13 colors + white light, rainbow effect speed adjustable, half-step color effect
Fixed picture: 1 fixed gobo plate, 14 gobos + white light, bidirectional variable speed rotation
Effect plate: 1 fixed effect pattern plate, which can rotate at two-way speed
Rotating disc: 1 rotating gobo disc, 9 replaceable gobo discs + white light, the flow of patterns back and forth from slow to fast
Prism plate: any two kinds of prism effects can be superimposed and combined prism dynamic effects, can be rotated forward and backward
Horizontal scan: 540° (160bit precision scan) electronic error correction.
Vertical scanning: 270° (160bit precision scanning) electronic error correction.
Channel mode: 24 international standard DMX512 channels, master-slave mode.
Display: color touch screen
Rectifier: The electronic rectifier makes the product lighter, brighter, the bulb is more stable, more environmentally friendly, and energy-saving
Net weight: 20.8kg
Size: L40×W29×H55cm (length×width×height)

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